From establishing an ownable identity to finding trends to participate in, tips from Ragan's Social Media Conference.

Today’s Headlines: 03.29.2024


Live from Ragan's Social Media Conference: Optimizing your short-form video content

From establishing an ownable identity to finding trends to participate in, tips from Ragan's Social Media Conference.

By the Numbers: The slang Gen Alpha uses, no cap

Get to know the language of this up-and-coming generation so you can use it (or not) wisely.

The case for elevating CCOs to CEO roles

Businesses need leaders who communicate effectively, fiercely defend their reputation, and successfully navigate stakeholder relationships. In other words, it needs more CCOs stepping up to the CEO role.

The Scoop: The communications fallout of the Baltimore bridge collapse

Plus: NBC cuts tie with Ronna McDaniel after internal backlash, sportsbooks join forces to combat problem gambling.

PR pros must prepare for the rise of AI journalism

It's going to create serious challenges for PR pros.

  Member Content

These are the most effective external comms tools, according to Ragan’s Benchmark Report

The full report is available exclusively for members of the Communications Leadership Council, but Insiders can see some secrets now.

Google has changed its core algorithm again. Here’s what you need to know.

The new update is designed to combat low-quality content.

Lessons from Ragan Nonprofit Communications Awards winners

A closer look at innovative and impactful campaigns.

The Scoop: Boeing undergoes major leadership changes amid escalating crisis

Plus: British journalists blame Americans for Princess Catherine rumors; Axios identifies 12 media bubbles.

How Hubspot brings it all together on Threads

Nearly a year on, tips for using this still-emerging social platform.

Princess Catherine reveals cancer treatment after weeks of PR unrest

We now have a better understanding of why the princess has disappeared from public view.

The Friday Reporter: Author Torund Bryhn

A new episode of The Friday Reporter podcast.

The Scoop: How Reddit went from unmoderated mess to hot IPO

Plus: Glassdoor abruptly adds real names to profiles; Disney wages pricey proxy battle.

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